Good morning everyone!

Welcome and prepare to be blessed as we come together, worship our awesome God and share our stories for another week.

Most of you will know it was a big week for our church family as we said goodbye to my grandfather Don Edwards (Papa) on Tuesday.  What a great service with so many faces from years ago coming back to show their support.
It was a great day only made possible by so many of you giving your prayers and  time and to set up/ pack down to host the crowd that came.

Joy and the Edwards family in particular would like to say thank you so much for the love you show in practical ways.  It is a great statement to the community when they can see that we are a church family that so many would only wish for.

I pray you enjoy the service, which I know will be a special time as others share what God has been teaching them in recent days.

Pastor Brendan

From the Pastor...

“A Legacy”

Last week Pastor Kay led us through the assurance we can have that we are bound for eternity with our Saviour in heaven. The choice is ours and we can make that choice now, if we haven’t already done so.

Today various members of our congregation will share their thoughts about the legacy we have been left by one of our church’s founding fathers—Don Edwards.  His life was an example for us to follow:

  • being a godly father;
  • daily being thankful for all God gave us;
  • a life of prayer;
  • caring for others;
  • welcoming strangers and making them feel at home.

Scripture for the week    Rom 12: 9-18


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