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Good morning and welcome to church on the hill!

We’re so glad you could join us for a morning to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and perhaps be encouraged if things have been tough for you lately.  God designed the church for us to be part of His wider family so we can all know that we are loved and are a valuable part of the plan to reach the world with the message of Christ’s gift of salvation through the cross.

Kid’s Church is taking the sermon today and morning tea is afterwards!

Pastor Brendan



From the Pastor...

“Evangelism Explosion!”

Starring Pastor Kay and the Kids


Last week we examined the story of Moses and learned that nothing is wasted with God.  No matter how much of a mess we get ourselves into or are born into, God can use it for our good if we seek to follow Him.

Today the Kid’s Church team is presenting their EE Gospel presentation as they have studied this term.  We are so blessed to have so many young families and children in this church, learning what it means to serve our loving God.

Next term we will have a new format where more parents will get a chance to invest in the children and share their gifts as part of a wider team.  If you would like to know more about being involved in the Kid’s Church/ Crèche team, talk to Brendan or Kay today.

Scripture for the week:

Psalm 127:3-5



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