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Good morning everyone!

Thanks for joining us here at the chapel on the hill.

If you are a first time visitor with us this morning a special welcome to you. Holidays are here and the kids are keen to go camping and sleep in! Why not arrange to share a BBQ with someone this week and enjoy the season? I pray that this morning will be a time of connection for you to build on relationships with friends and to hear something new and encouraging as you get to know our loving Father God and His gift through Jesus. There will be no Kid’s Church during the break but don’t forget there is also a comfortable cry room where you can feed your babies and still hear and see the service through the window.

I hope this morning is a great blessing for you as you join us in worship and fellowship at morning tea afterwards.

Have a great morning!

Pastor Brendan

From the Pastor...

September Holiday Services!”

with Pastors Brendan and Kay

During the break we look forward to some down time for the kids and our teachers and to share the days as parents with our children out of the normal school routine.

As we focus on family these next three weekends, Pastor Kay and I will be sharing some teaching from the scriptures to help us not only do life well, but really press in to what God has in mind for us as we live for Him in 2018.

Stay for morning tea with us and enjoy your afternoon whether it’s enjoying the quiet or sharing with your church family round the BBQ down the creek!

Scripture for the Holidays

Romans 12:1-2 NIV


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